How many sayings do we have for living a life of an educated person? “Make an educated guess” or “Make an educated decision”, “Learn from history” and many more have permeated how we approach and live our daily lives. The proliferation of many ideas and a history of ideas can work in concert with the skills and creativity that will advance young Haitians.

As many in the community can barely afford the funds to go to school, many times they are more willing to pay the low cost of our classes that prepare them for a job. We have and continue to develop our academic opportunities as lecture series which are free to the public.

The lecture series have focused on Art History of the African diaspora, Philosophy and Linguistics of Haitian poetry. We host lectures from local universities and international volunteers from US universities. Together we hope to give our students a more robust set of knowledge to make educated decisions for their own community.

Previous Lecture Series

  • Human Rights
  • Intro to the Voyage of African Arts
  • How Haitian Kreyol Holds Discrimination Against
  • WomenArts of New Orleans
  • Philosophy