The staff at Jakmel Ekspresyon are constantly asking what does the local educational system need. Where does it have deficiencies and how can we fill those needs? Science is taught in schools in theory only. The science curriculum and text books may not always hold correct information. There are no schools in Jacmel with science labs because of funding issues. We are searching for ways to not only give practical science lab experiences and knowledge but also how to make those practices relevant and fun for the local community. STEAM (science, technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) has been naturally developing from this community need and is changing the way youth view many local issues such as water pollution, sustainable energy and more.

We have partnered with the University of Cincinnati STEM Research Department to provide resources for scientific resources and classes. We are at the beginning of this journey and are always searching for new networks and connections to broaden our STEAM educational classes. This is one areas where we need international volunteers and equipment support as both are hard to find in Haiti.

Current Classes

  • Robo Klub
  • Photo Environment
  • Data Analysis (de-forestation and watershed systems)